The tsunami of Immersive Reality is coming. Are you ready ?

All industries will be deeply impacted.

silkke designed the solutions to make this revolution an opportunity

The web has shaken up all industries, to give birth to giants who have taken the place of traditional actors. Then the mobile has rebuffed the cards and new pure players have overtook companies that have not understood the stakes.

The revolution of immersive reality will profoundly change our purchase habits, communication, our everyday life, via virtual reality and augmented reality devices. These impacts are not all visible today, but it is already established that your business will largely depend on these technologies in the medium term.

silkke proposes the answers to these stakes. They are aimed at companies who have realized that it is necessary to reinvent themselves to survive, and who wish to take a step ahead in order to make them sustainable and profitable opportunities.

Do not play in the shoes of a world champion. Be the champion of the world.

Now, the best footballer in the world is you. Or maybe your friend Hervé.

silkke is in contact with the biggest gaming studios in the world, so that the next hits not only allow you to choose Messi or Ronaldo, but also take yourself the place of these legends on the ground, with a realism to cut the breath.
Le secteur du jeu s’apprête à connaître une révolution bien plus profonde que l’arrivée des consoles HD et des jeux mobiles.

With this revolution, the player is no longer just behind the joystick, he is in the front line, in the heart of the game.

A new dimension for architecture and Smart City projects.

New architectures and modes of circulation already exist. The habitat of tomorrow is built before our eyes, and we do not need to wait for it to come out of the ground.

Silkke solutions create urban environments from scratch, populating them with life and making them more real than life. With these developments, it is now possible to completely immerse yourself and understand new environments in a natural way.

In addition, silkke offers architects new sources of revenue by enabling them to monetize their 3D plans, so that their most spectacular ideas are built in virtual environments, instead of remaining as projects in a computer.

Immersive Commerce: Your customer is no longer a simple IP address.

E-commerce has disrupted traditional commerce, but today it caps 10% of the global distribution.

Many innovations and a comfort of purchase were brought, but the essential thing is absent: the relational, the social interaction.

Immersive Commerce as imagined by silkke allows you to combine seemingly contradictory benefits: increase customer satisfaction and experience, value your brand and products, sell more, and above all get out of this competitive logic and price war engendered by the digital.

silkke designs new sales experiences, allowing you to create extra-ordinary virtual stores, give the product its full scope, and even create different moods that match the codes of your different targets.

silkke combines the evolutions of digital with the return to the origins of commerce, with innovations that bring emotion and humanity.

Revolution of industrial processes

Product design, user testing, simulations, research and development.

The integration of silkke Avatars in virtual reality or augmented reality environments offers endless application possibilities: improvement of your processes, training, tests and proof of concepts, demonstration, collaboration between your research centers and remote development, between multi local and multi-business teams…..

The last major innovation in education goes back to Gutenberg and the invention of printing

We learned in books, with a method of learning immutable for centuries: a teacher has passed on the knowledge, you learned your lessons with thirty classmates.

Thanks to the avatars, you can relive the scenes of historical battles with extraordinary realism, you are in the laboratory of Pierre and Marie Curie, with Einstein who explains you in a simple way his discoveries, with De Gaulle during WWII, you live live the arrival and extinction of the dinosaurs, the conquest of Space.

Education takes on a new meaning, it is no longer about listening and remembering, it is about getting involved, living and being immersed.

The silkke Avatar: A 10-year leap forward for the health sector

In the era of connected health and the democratization of connected objects, silkke’s solutions bring disruptive and effective responses to the various professions in the Healthcare universe.


– Psychology: treatment of phobias with a familiar environment in virtual reality, the presence of Avatars of close people.

– Pre-operative preparation: reduction of stress for the most sensitive public (children…)

– Physiotherapy: rehabilitation, presentation of movements, recording of the emotional state of the patient

– Simulation of appearance changes: diets, cosmetic surgery…


– Training staff to teach them how to interact with patients: this reduces time spent and does not solicit real patients

Paradigm shift: we no longer consult the information, we live the information.

The current web is a simple evolution of newspapers and television. The media offer you information in text or video, with a reading and consulting experience that has not changed in 20 years.

The immersive web radically changes the situation. You do not learn news about events, you live them.

From reader to spectator, you become an actor.

What will be the impact of events on the other side of the world when you have the capacity to live them from the inside as they have been?

silkke proposes a panel of solutions for the media, allowing them to avatarize the journalists, but also their audiences, for new interactive experiences, in virtual or augmented reality:

– Text to speech: transforming written text into a speech delivered by an Avatar

– Lip sync: perfect synchronization of the lips with the audio

– Gesture sync: real-time synchronization of the movements of a presenter with those of his Avatar