Speed up your business with silkke Avatars

Reconcile innovation, profitability and customer service


silkke is the only concept in the world that allows you to introduce digital in your places of passage while introducing human into your digital applications. With a product made for events, fully automated.

silkke marries issues that are a priori incompatible: value the brand image, increase average basket and loyalty, generate virality, collect data, set up a profitable operation.


Your brand deserves it
It deserves it because all too often it has been at the service of new technologies, not the other way around.

It deserves it because today technologies help to homogenize customer experiences instead of making them extra ordinary.

The Attention Era
Interruption Marketing > Permission Marketing > Attention Marketing

You are not just competing with other companies anymore.
You are in competition with the news, the friends of your targets, their centers of interest …

silkke allows you to bring to your customers and partners a totally new experience in captive environments, that your competitors do not control.


silkke reinvents marketing
With silkke you create a bridge between the virtual and the real, to cross the new frontier: the marketing of emotion.

Our solutions are not intended for all companies. They are aimed at those who understand the challenges of digitalization, who want to take a step ahead by proposing new interactions and relationships.

Give your customers, employees and partners a totally new experience

The marketing of emotion. The new frontier.

silkke offers you turnkey concepts allowing you to change the relationship to your client. Transactional, it becomes fusional.

The omnical is at the heart of all the concerns, but no concept in the world until now allowed to integrate the digital in the physical places, then to teleport the human in the digital universes.

With silkke solutions, you bring emotional impact to your marketing storytelling, create fantastic experiences, generate additional revenue, and build a unique relationship with your customer.

Silkke solutions allow you to create a turnkey community. The Avatar is a starting point, allowing you to book your promotions, previews, special events to people who have made their Avatar in the silkke capsule.

Embark partners and collaborators in the Immersive Web

Create the event and use the Avatar in the long run for effective actions

The silkke capsule has been designed to be shipped all over the world and mounted in less than 6 hours.

Its unique design and the ability to fully customize the shell makes it the central attraction of your corporate events, whether internal seminars or invitations from your customers and suppliers.

You offer the Avatar, through the experience of the scan in the silkke capsule.

Subsequently, the Avatar can offer specific experiences: serious games, training, virtual conferences…

Avatar automation solutions are the key to success in the 4th Digital Revolution

  • Captive environments: no pollution by the contents of competitors.
  • Ultra-realistic environments created for your business.
  • Collection of client datas: audience, behavior, actions …

  • A scalable concept: remotely controlled capsules, capable of producing 60 Avatars per hour each.
  • Creation of Avatars communities, animated in the long run.
  • Log in to your back office and your business tools.