The silkke capsule is installed anywhere in the world, to automatically create animated Avatars, compatible with new immersive environments and usable for life.

There are connected objects. And there are objects that connect people.

Remote control
60 Avatars per hour
Fully automatic


The passage time in the capsule is 10 seconds. It took us 4 years of research and development.

The silkke capsule is a technological feat, the result of the assembly of advanced components, incredibly complex processes, with rare skills and a very precise objective: a simple and frictionless use.

  • Registration desk, appointment making, payment
  • 10-second passing time, simple and guided by visual and vocal assistance
  • No movement is necessary
  • The user leaves and validates the photo of his face (to avoid closed eyes etc)
  • The Avatar is produced in fifteen minutes and delivered automatically to the user by email and notification. It is not necessary to wait on the spot.

The capsule works in conjunction with the mobile app.

Available for the public, it facilitates the silkke experience:

  • Locate the capsules
  • Book a time slot
  • Multi-currency payment
  • Coupon Management (Discount or free Avatar)


A unique blend of technologies. Which can disappear to make room for the design.

Architects, designers, IT developers, ergonomists. We have federated the skills to create a high-end product, unique in the world.

Hardware & Software: designed together as two sides of the same coin


  • 4 HD screens
  • Payment in 197 currencies
  • Wiring from the aviation industry
  • Multiple body sensors
  • Limited maintenance


  • Post-production in the cloud
  • Scalability to generate 2 billion Avatars
  • Automatic measurement: height, weight, arm and leg length, choker, waist circumference, hip circumference …

Easier to install than kit furniture

  • Flight cases for worldwide shipping
  • 2 people in less than a day
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1 fiber optic internet access
  • 1 socket of 110 or 220 volts


Never so disruptive technology had been wrapped in such a warm and emotional design

The capsule is a 360-degree object that integrates perfectly into its environment. According to your expectations she can be forgotten or become the center of attention.

The design of the capsule is designed to enhance your communication strategy.

  • No visible stop
  • Fully customizable shell and console
  • On special order: creation of a custom-made shape

The cabin is suitable for any type of place:

Public: railway stations, airports

Private: point of sale, commercial gallery, corporate headquarters

Almost infinite customization possibilities:

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Materials
  • Screen content