The Avatar

The keystone of the 4th Digital Revolution: Life

An immense technological feat at the service of an even greater ambition: to breathe life into all immersive environments, on a very large scale and for a minimal cost

The Avatar has no technical specifications, it is above all emotionally charged

Unique digital identity

Are you ready to get to know yourself?

The email is over 30 years old.
The silkke Avatar is your new online login, unique and untransferable.
The silkke Avatar does not look like you. It’s you. Virtual.

  • Created from hundreds of HD sensors, it faithfully reproduces your appearance, down to the smallest detail
  • Create as many Avatars as you want, to represent as many aspects of your personality
  • The Avatar is your exclusive property, including related data
  • Nobody can take control of your Avatar and use it without your consent

Safe in the silkke cloud

Your Silkke Avatar is your virtual double, so it’s your most important online data.

Silkke is preparing its ISO 27001 certification on safety management.

We made sure he was safer than you.

Gestures and animations

Your new life is increased. It makes possible the impossible.

Just stand 10 seconds still in the cabin so that our technology recognizes your joints and is able to animate you, fluidly and without limit.

The Avatar is in extraordinary situations. Your only limit is the imagination.

Walk. Run. Get moving. Enjoy.

  • Fluid gestures that replicate human behavior
  • No movement needs to be done in the cabin
  • Your Avatar will be compatible with all movements made in the future

Real time motion capture

For your remote or real time events, silkke can reproduce live on your Avatar your gestures, captured by a dedicated device.

The Avatar interacts with all facets of the Immersive Web

Virtual Reality

The Avatar integrates into custom-built environments

Virtual reality is the ability to create universes that existed only then in your imagination. Embark your targets in ultra-realistic experiences, which sublimate your brand.

Captive environments: today’s digital solutions put your customer at a click to see your competitors.

The immersive environments created by silkke address this problem and allow your customer to be totally immersed in a captivating experience, without being polluted by messages and incentives that you do not control.

No physical limit: no limit of size, surface, shape, anything is possible!

The worlds are virtual but the business opportunities are real:
> VR-commerce: virtual boutiques with product feeds

> Customer relationship: real-time interaction with an Avatar advisor who assists the customer

Augmented Reality Definition

The addition of virtual elements over the reality seen in the field of vision.

Augmented Reality

The Avatar integrates with reality

The silkke Avatar is compatible with the latest augmented reality technologies.

It integrates seamlessly into the field of vision, it can appear in real size, move in a room avoiding obstacles.

Augmented reality allows everyone to split and appear in real time on the other side of the world, for example in a conference room.

The possibilities are limitless:

  • Concerts
  • Training sessions
  • Remote teleconferences
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Reality definition

Artificially recreate a reality that does not exist and immerse itself in it. It is possible to recreate universes such as cities, shops, but also completely imaginary environments.

Integration of Avatar in Hololens in partnership with Onepoint


The Avatar is compatible with mainstream hardware

The Immersive Web revolution is in its infancy, the end users are not yet equipped with virtual reality headphones or augmented reality glasses.

The silkke Avatar integrates seamlessly into virtual universes that can be viewed from any personal computer without minimum required power.


Your Avatar in your pocket

Android and Apple smartphones are all compatible to integrate the silkke Avatar.

silkke makes custom applications for you, or integrates Avatars into your existing apps, via a technical brick that adds functionality.

A mobile application featuring the silkke Avatar can also be designed as a second screen compared to a main desktop application or VR / AR headset.

silkke has launched several mobile games on the Android and iOS platforms:

  • Runner: a platform game featuring your Avatar.
  • Tennis Open7: a realistic Tennis competition with original mini-games.
  • Mysilkke: your animated Avatar in an original and surprising way.
woman hand holding the phone with system smart house

App store

A universe of possibilities

When the user receives his Avatar after passing through the cabin, he discovers all compatible apps, regardless of his preferred platform.

silkke partners with the best global publishers to deliver the most innovative apps, with one unique feature: they have been humanised.

  • The application store is available in silkke mobile app, for a fully integrated experience.
  • It is also available on The user finds his Avatars, his apps and all the information in his profile.

Avatar as a Platform

silkke has created an open API for developers to integrate their Avatars into their apps and publish them on our store for the end users.

silkke allows the best developers on Android, iOS, Unity, Unreal Engine platforms to breathe life into their apps.

> Discover the silkke Developer Program