Cross the new digital frontier

A unique experience in the world

Avatar creation

Your second birth takes only fifteen minutes. The question is whether you will be able to wait.

The creation of your first Avatar is a new, innovative and intimate act.

For this we have created a subtle alliance between the experience of a high-end service and the speed of an every day service.

A hyper fluid experience thought from end to end

  • Invitation by coupon via mobile app allowing the reservation of a specific time slot
  • A non-binding dress-code: you come dressed as you are
  • Registration: 30 seconds
  • Passage time in the capsule: 10 seconds
  • You can leave. Fifteen minutes later you are notified of the birth of your Avatar by email.

Everything is included, including the wow effect

Property for life
Access to the silkke app store
Unlimited use
Shareable with his friends
Free secure storage

Using the avatar

It is when meeting your Avatar that you will realize how much he missed you.

You did not know how much you needed it.

The Avatar is a second birth allowing you to teleport into a new life full of possibilities.

  • Guaranteed wow-effect
  • An enriched life, with experiences that are not found in everyday life
  • A philosphical and almost mystical approach to your relationship to yourself, to the world around you