Paris Motor Show 2018 : Renault offers you a temporal journey

To celebrate its 120 years of existence, Renault takes advantage of the 2018 Paris Motorshow to reaffirm its leading position in terms of innovation, and offers an innovative experience:Time Machine Experience.

For its 120 years of existence, Renault gives the opportunity to the 2018 Paris Motorshow visitors to live a unique journey experience and uses the technology of Silkke, a french start-up. Thanks to an automated capsule, it is now possible to fully scan each part of the human body to create your own numerical clone. The Avatar perfectly creates the visitors’s appearance/ body shape down to the smallest details. Renault is the first car manufacturer in the world to use this technology, to celebrate its 120 years of existence.

At the Renault stand, visitors can transform themselves into an Avatar and become the main hero/ character of a 3D film showing the different key eras/times of the group history. The participants will then be able to travel back to 1898 with the very first car with direct-drive gearbox (Renault Type A), in 1972 with the revolutionnary vehicle with low fuel consumption (Renault 5) or in the future with the autonomous car that merges with your habitat (Symbioz).

In order to create the Avatar -and then be integrated into the film- you just need to register into one of the check-in desks of the stand, board into the capsule and confirm your identity. The participant will get the film by e-mail and will then be able to share it on their social media.

The experience is accessible at the Renault stand during the Paris Motorshow, and will be available at the Atelier Renault at the end of the year 2018.

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