An ambitious developer program to enable you to integrate the silkke Avatars into your cross-platform applications.

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The gateway to the human in your apps. Automatic and Plug&Play.

silkke Connect allows anyone with a silkke Avatar to log in with their personal credentials and use your apps.

Simple. Secured. Cross-platform.


  • Compatible with your existing apps
  • Your apps stay functional without the silkke avatars
  • You stay fully in charge of character animations in your apps


  • silkke Connect allows them to automatically find their Avatar in all the apps published on the silkke Store
  • Only action required from him: enter his silkke credentials

Developer Program

The impulse and creativity of a community of passionate developers.

The developer program gives you the tools to develop your apps or make them compatible with silkke avatars. Do you want to continue coding for today’s platforms, or be part of the future?

Join us in creating the most ambitious platform for the next few years.

silkke Academy

Come back to the school benches for a subject that you are passionate about.

The training and certification program to optimally integrate the silkke Avatars into your apps.

Opening in September 2016.

Coworking space

The incubator of the tomorrow’s talents

silkke offers you a totally unique space, which allows you to benefit from an ideal working environment, to be surrounded by passionate developers coding virtual and augmented reality apps, to be accompanied in the development of your projects, so that they are realized faster with every chance of success.silkke Co-Working is based in Nantes, in the heart of the Quartier de la Création.