Our history

An original vision from which everything flows

silkke was launched in 2011 around the idea of creating a real 3D revolution for companies: to open the 4th digital revolution by reintroducing the human at the heart of the exchanges

4 years of confidential R&D, around strong founding concepts:

  • A reinvented universal ecosystem based on digital web and real marketing: cross-income at all levels in an exclusive B2B + B2C + C2B process
  • New growth drivers for brands via a humanized Web
  • A break of thought, a style, an ethics: return to the responsibility and more purchasing power for the users thanks to their own Avatar, and a principle more respectful of the private life of its users,
  • A new social portal: open the digital horizon to developers for unlimited applications
  • An exclusive high-performance technology: innovative and unique solutions developed in secret for 4 years, patented
  • Ecosystem ready since April 2016

silkke has developed a technology that is ahead of the tenors of the web, ready to avatarize the public on a global scale from 2017.

Founded in 2011
15 people
2 offices: Nantes / Paris
2 factories: Angers / Dubaï
5 years of R&D
4 prototypes
1.5M€ funding