Our Manifesto

A clear vision for the future of the Web and the Human

In 2017 we all have two lives: a real life and an online life. Silkke’s observation is that despite its advantages and advances, online life is still far below the real-life experience. Our vision is that this online life lacks an essential dimension: humanity and the personification of oneself.

Our deep conviction is that while digital evolutions have been rapid and sometimes traumatic, have helped to move people away from each other, have disembodied the human soul and made relations with others totally impersonal, the digital and the revolution of immersive realities will reintroduce humanity and the emotions into our lives.

We are facing a very strong paradox, which will structure the next decades. Silkke is at the forefront of these developments and proposes positive and ambitious solutions to co-build new realities.

Our belief is that it is through immersive 3D environments and augmented reality that the emotional, the human and the relational will come back to the top of priorities, and help to bring people closer, by freeing themselves from all constraints, but without getting rid of their personality and appearance.

Our ambition is to create the world’s largest database of animated 3D avatars.